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Kizuna iro / I can't wait

Hm... Just thought I'd start my "membership" here with a small "review" of Chieco's new single.
No, I didn't order it... but the reason being the lovely one considering -money-. Haha. Yeah, I'm broke. Very broke to be honest. But... buying 2 dvds and 3 cds PLUS a storybook.. haha. You get broke from it. and nothing is chieco related. ><; However, bought The Sera Myu: Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu ... Very good I recommend it. ^_^ One of the best myu's ever...

And that was a side note for you who know about myu and are fans of it. XD
Anyhow... here.

Kizuna iro.
I like this beginning. To me it shows of how Chieco went from girl to woman, u know? And that she's not doing pop as pop, but a bit... rock-pop. A very big improvement since "Be your girl". ^_^ I like this song alot. (And just so you know, I do not diss BYG, i LOVE that song dammit. o.o) But I like the tempo in this song and the lyrics are neat. ^_^ Very Chieco-ish. (compared to the last single I guess this would be the "quiet roit")

I can't wait.
This song is a big more pop than kizuna iro acc. to me. a bit more girly too. The lyrics are cool and all but it's not the best on this single. It's better than the average popsongs but on this single I guess I have to say it's the baddest. But then again, her voice is lovely as usual and she sings this song great. But the melody and tempo of the song is just... yeah. But, BUT Her english is great though. Really, her english improves. ^_^ (Even though I really really like Shining from her last single this song would be this one then. ^^')

I guess this song is the slow song on the single. And it's pretty good, but sorry Chieco, it's no hit. According to me. I mean, it's pretty and it's cool. Her voice is lovely and it's a great melody but to me; no hit. It's not a song that makes me go "OH MY GOD CHIECO!" So to me, this song is just like "Cry baby" pretty, slow, a good ballad-ish song, but... not as good as Hoshi negai wo. ^^;

Yeah. There are my cents on Chieco's new single. Haha. ^^
And now, if anyone ordered this single and have a scanner, PLEASE Scan?! I sooo want lyrics.. ^_^; And if someone have problems reading kanji I'd love to help out with romanizing too. ^_^

Also, I really want lyrics for her Shining single too! ^^; So anyone with a scanner... please!!!

That's all from me then... Ja!

Ps. Oh, and btw... my name is Lichan. ^_^V
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